Fall into Place 2018 Presenter Materials

Presenter Materials

Workshop: Envision Your Future: Cultivating Social and Emotional Well-Being - Dr. Patty O'Sullivan and Marica Romero
Presenters: Dr. Patty O'Sullivan and Marica Romero
Handout: Gen Z: The Culture of NOW, The Culture of ME

Workshop: Journey Through the Body: Empowering Children and Youth to Make Healthy Choices
Presenter: Esther Arends
Handout: Journey Through the Body (JTTB): The Method 
Handout: JTTB: Class Format 
Handout: JTTB Image

Workshop: You Had Me at Hello
Presenters: Heidi Pope & Sherenia Gibbs
Handout: You Had Me at Hello Checklist and Action Plan

Workshop: You Gotta Laugh
Presenter: Clint Darr 
Handout:  You Gotta Laugh   

Workshop: Introduction to the Nurtured Heart Approach
Presenter: May Sagbakken
Handout: Emotionally Nutritious Words
Handout: Snapshot of Nurtured Heart Approach

Workshop: Adult 101: Learning Life Skills
Presenter: Jenna Wells  
Handout:  Adult 101 Online Resources 

Workshop: Uncovering What is So Important about Play
Presenters: Paige Abrams & Jenna Garcia Cole
Handout:  Why Play is So Important

Workshop: A City Different: Educational Partnerships Across Diverse Organizations
Presenters: Shannon Bay, Joanne Lefrak & Mollie Parsons
Handout:  What Can You Do?

Workshop: Staff Engagement = High Quality Programs
Presenters: Daphne Strader & Elizabeth Calhoon
Handout: Measuring and Tracking Staff Performance Worksheet
Handout: Staff Engagement = High Quality Programs (presentation)

Workshop: Leadership and Teambuilding
Presenters: Dr. Gale Gorke
Handout:  Temperament Characteristics
Handout: True Colors

Workshop: Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition (ICAN)
Presenters: Gabriel Gomez
Handout:  ICAN Presentation

Workshop: Bullying and Anger Management
Presenters: Dr. Gale Gorke
Handout:  Anger Handouts
Handout: Maslow-kohlberg

Workshop: Classroom Behavior Management
Presenters: Dr. Gale Gorke
Handout:  Picking Teams Painlessly
Handout: Reframing
Handout: Total Transformation - Lehman

Workshop: But We're Too Busy to Evaluate
Presenters: Tamara Grybko, Derek Kuit & Ranjana Damle
Handout: But We're Too Busy to Evaluate (presentation)

Workshop: Training overview for principals/administrators
Presenters: Allison Brody
Handout: Training overview for principals/administrators (presentation)

Workshop: The Magic in Paper Engineering
Presenters: Marlene Flores
Handout:  Magic Animals
Handout: Magic in Paper Engineering

Additional materials will be posted as they become available....


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