Fall Into Place 2020 LIVE Workshops


Virtual Fall into Place 2020 LIVE Workshops 


DAY 1: Social and Emotional Learning Focus

Trevor Muir: Stop Calling them Soft Skills!


  • Most employers say the top reason people are fired or never hired in the first place is that they lack soft skills: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, adaptability, and confidence. People lack these skills not because they are incapable of learning them, but because they never had a reason to. So much of the education system is focused on technical knowledge and "hard skills," and very little on these essential skills.

Trevor talks about how educators can design learning experiences that require their students to develop essential skills. While still learning 'hard skills,' students can do purposeful work that makes them better communicators, collaborators, problem solvers, and citizens.


Linda Brody, Little Earth School/Bhava Yoga Studio: Building Resilience in Children by Combining Storytelling and Yoga

  • Join us to explore and experience how combining storytelling and yoga enable children – preschoolers to teens – to build social-emotional resilience.  Learn about brain development and the brain body connection research and how connecting storytelling with movement such as yoga strengthens a child’s ability to face life challenges creatively and confidently.  Actively participate as you listen to stories and act them out through yoga and movement.  Links to resources for stories, yoga, and scientific research will empower you to take what you learn into diverse learning environments.

DAY 2: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion/Social Justice Focus

Val Day-Sánchez, MA: How to be an Anti-Racist Educator When Working with Students Afterschool!

  • How we view students is rooted in our own perceptions and prejudices that we may not be aware of. This can greatly impact a child’s learning. Learn how to create an inclusive afterschool culture that supports and empowers young people, especially those who may feel marginalized and disconnected at school and in their home lives.

Teresa Madrid, UNM STEM-H Center/HSC Office for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: On the Journey from Diversity to Inclusion

  • What is the difference between diversity and inclusion?  What is implicit bias?  What are micro-aggressions?  In this workshop, we will explore how biases that lie beneath the surface can find their way into our students' experiences of education and the learning process.  We will begin to identify the existence of implicit biases in our own lives (we all have them!). We will actively work with other educators in the session to identify opportunities to make positive changes in ourselves and to create inspiring and equitable learning environments for our youth.  

DAY 3: STEM Education Focus

Anthony Salvagno, Explora: Hands on Virtual STEM with Explora

  • Build your virtual STEM tool box! Learn how to create high impact, virtual learning experiences using online platforms.  Engage in hands-on science activities and learn various tools to promote student collaboration and engagement.  Develop your facilitation skills and knowledge, including the use of questions, understanding growth mindset, and managing students in a virtual environment. 

Dr. Lina Germann​, STEM Santa Fe: Virtual Puzzle Solvers

  • This interactive workshop will shed a new light on math education and engage you in thought-provoking mathematics in a social and cooperative atmosphere.  Learn how to motivate and engage students in math through puzzles with mathematical themes. Experience hands-on math activities that you can use virtually and in person in a variety of settings, including afterschool, week-long camps, festivals and more.  

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