How-to for the NM State Legislature

Here are some tips for finding and tracking legislation, and for identifying and contacting your representatives.



  • Key to Abbreviations - The legislature has a great many acronyms, codes and abbreviations that can be perplexing. This helps decode many of them.
  • Finding Legislation Tutorial
  • How to Track Legislation Tutorial
  • Daily Bill Locator - Full listing of pending legislation
  • Find Legislation by Number - quick look up of specific bills, if you know the bill number and the chamber (House or Senate)
  • Find Legislation by Sponsor - quick look up of all bills sponsored or cosponsored by a particular legislator
  • Find Legislation by Keyword - look up of bills which contain a specific word or phrase
  • Fiind Legislation by Subject - look up of bills by topic (e.g. Children & Families; Education, Public Schools; Environment, etc.)
  • Committees - To see a list of committees and select one, go to the legislature home page, click "Committees" from the navigation menu across the top, and click the committee of interest. Each committee has an upcoming agenda and calendar listing and a membership roll on their page. Bills are typically assigned to 2-3 committees based on their subject and whether or not the bill makes an appropriatiion. Bills are either considered in committee or tabled (more or less ignored, effectively killing the bill). If they are considered, they receive either a "Do Pass" or "Do Not Pass" recommendation and go on to another committee or to the chamber floor for a vote.
  • Calendars - schedule of committees, and both House and Senate floors.



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