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Afterschool Fostering Success in New Mexico
Afterschool Alliance’s Afterschool by the Numbers in NM. More than a decade of research confirms that quality afterschool programs inspire and motivate children to  learn, support children’s social and emotional growth, and help raise their academic achievement.  However, of New Mexico’s 340,109 K-12 youth, 21%—71,532—are  alone and unsupervised during the hours after school.  Investment in quality afterschool is needed now more than ever to help address our country’s growing  opportunity and achievement gaps, and to support the overall well-being of children as they move through school, career and life. Read More and get the Infographic

New Mexico After 3PM
In 2014, New Mexico parents/guardians were asked about their children’s regular participation in various after school care arrangements, with a special focus on afterschool program participation and satisfaction.  The America After 3PM survey identified the supply of and demand for afterschool programs, as well as the major barriers to program enrollment. Read more

Albuquerque South Valley Success Story
"I never would have had the prosperous life I am enjoying today without the exposure and opportunity that afterschool programs offer." Read More

Building Equity in New Mexico. Ferrer (2016)
Demographic information from New Mexico addressing health, income, and educational disparities. View Powerpoint

NM Kids Count Data Center. Annie E. Casey Foundation (2016)
In this website you can explore a variety of indicators that can be broken down by county and also compared to other states. You can also generate your own individualized reports using indicators that you select across categories. Read More

Afterschool in New Mexico. Afterschool Alliance (2016)
Facts & Research, State Policy & Funding, State Network, Supplemental Education Services, and Afterschool Champions & Voices.  Read more

60 Quarterly-4th Quarter State & County Profiles. CYFD (2016)
This comprehensive review of child welfare in New Mexico serves the needs of multiple stakeholder groups and fosters continuous improvement in New Mexico’s child welfare system. Read More 

CYFD Reports
Repository of reports from the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department, including publications pertaining to Early Childhood, Protective, and Juvenile Justice Services, and more.  Read More


  • District Superintendent Contact List.  Read More
  • New Mexico School Dashboard (statewide, district and school level data).   Read More
  • Data on graduation rates, enrollment rates, truancy, and poverty.  Read More
  • New Mexico State Educational Standards: This website will allow you to download a copy of the NMPED Educational Standards as well as browse the standards by subject.  Read More  
  • NM Parent and Family Portal  Read More  
  • NM Safe & Healthy Schools  Read More



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