NMOST Leadership Council

Leadership Council

The New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network (NMOST) Leadership Council is comprised of representatives of key stakeholder organizations who share the vision of NMOST.

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Legislative Champions

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provide strategic direction for the network.
  • Facilitate the relationships and resources that will promote afterschool and sustain the network.
  • Communicate with their constituents, other interested parties and the public to ensure NMOST better addresses its Vision and Goals.
  • Participate in Council meetings and committee meetings as follows: 1) scheduled bi-monthly council meetings, 2) committee meetings as determined by each committee chair. An estimated minimum time commitment for Leadership Council Members is approximately four (4) hours a month outside of Leadership meetings and other events such as conferences and annual meeting.
  • If "in-person" attendance at any meeting is not possible, members will be asked to participate via phone for all or part of the meeting, particularly during voting and/or planning sessions. A Council member with two successive unexcused absences within a calendar year will be advised to have better attendance or to resign as the case may be.
  • Respond in a timely manner to communications from the Leadership Council Chair or other Council Members either through email or phone, particularly when a vote is needed.
  • Positively represent NMOST in public. Council members are expected to discuss the NMOST informally and, upon occasion, to represent NMOST at events such as conferences, workshops, and community meetings.
  • Members are required to assist in fundraising (either financial or in-kind donation of services).
  • Providing policy direction for NMOST consistent with the National Afterschool Alliance, National Afterschool Association, NMOST and the tenets of partner agencies.
  • Adopting an annual budget and ensuring that adequate financial and other resources are available to advance NMOST's vision, mission and goals
  • Adopting an Annual Action Plan for NMOST (within the constraints of the annual budget), ensuring that its scope aligns with partner affiliates, and advances the mission of NMOST
  • Serving on at least one active NMOST Committee.
  • Attending committee meetings every other month via teleconference; Participating actively in email discussions, and replying promptly especially when a vote is called.

The NMOST Leadership Council determines composition when creating committees. The chair appoints the persons to serve on committees. Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the chair from time to time to fulfill specific time-bound responsibilities. 

COMMITTEES (suspended for now, due to Covid)

  • Finance Committee
  • Policy Committee
  • Conference Committee
  • Older Youth Committee
  • Communication/Quality/Technical Assistance Committee



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The New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network (NMOST) brings together policymakers, educators, childcare providers, youth development workers, and other stakeholders interested in ensuring positive youth development opportunities and outcomes through out-of-school time programs.

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