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NMOST is proud to introduce our OST-LI Class of 2020

What is NMOST?

The New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network (NMOST) is a network of public and private organizations and community members dedicated to creating, strengthening and sustaining a statewide system of support for out-of-school time programs.

What is the Out of School Time Leadership Institute (OST-LI)?

A professional development training program designed to build upon and expand skills while strengthening the statewide educator’s network.

The OST-LI mission: 

Increase access to out of school time (OST) programs across New Mexico by providing high-quality professional development for emerging out of school time leaders working in underserved and vulnerable New Mexico communities.

What will the OST-LI do?

  • Makes professional development accessible to educators in underserved statewide communities

  • Provides leadership and management skills to OST professionals

  • Builds relationships and strengthens the network between state-wide educators and OST professionals

  • Forms strategic partnerships between leaders and their organizations 

For more information about the OST-LI and the statewide ambassadors please contact OST-LI coordinator Elizabeth Barbush at ebarbush@explora.us or NMOST Executive Director, May Sagbakken msagbakken@explora.us; (505) 224 8324

OST Leadership Institute Project Vision:

One of the goals of NMOST’s system building is to increase the availability and equitable access to quality OST programs across the state so that all interested students can participate, no matter their family income or zip code. OST providers in rural, tribal, and low-income communities often do not have the resources or capacity to offer OST programming, including summer programs. Leadership and management skills are crucial to building and delivering effective OST programs. Many OST provider organizations in New Mexico lack key planning, operational and administrative expertise, and because the skills needed in the areas of operational and administrative execution are in great demand all across New Mexico, they are often expensive, and subsequently out-of-reach for many OST provider organizations. NMOST’s efforts in capacity building will be centered on addressing this need through the development of the first Out-of-School Time Leadership Institute in New Mexico for emerging leaders in OST provider organizations. In selecting participants for the first-year cohort, NMOST will prioritize leaders from vulnerable communities working with underrepresented populations.


Session 1: September 13th - 15th in Albuquerque:  Session Agenda     Presenter Materials

Session 2: November 1st - 2nd in Albuquerque: Session will be held in conjunction with the annual NMOST Fall into Place Conference, including a pre-conference session for OST-LI attendees.

Session 3: January 24th - 26th in Santa Fe: Session will be held during the New Mexico Legislative session with focus on advocacy, policy and youth voice. Details to be provided at a later date.


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