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Mayors and Corporate Leaders Symposium: Afterschool and Summer Learning as a Strategy to Address the Workforce Skills Crisis  - Published December 2017
Three blogs pertaining to the first ever convening by the National League of Cities of mayors and corporate CEOs to discuss how afterschool and summer learning programs play a vital role in developing the social and emotional skills that are so vital for young people to be successful in the workforce. 

Here are the three blogs:

Americas Next Great Workforce Begins with Afterschool

St. Paul NLC Leaders Host Afterschool Symposium

Mayor Stadola: Afterschool and Summer Learning Absolutely Critical to Hone Soft Skills in Workforce Development

State needs to enact changes to take advantage of STEM opportunities, interest - New Mexico Political Report, August 9, 2017
While the article is more about adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards in New Mexico, it does make positive mention out-of-school time. It's also a good idea for OST providers with STEM programs to be familiar with the standards and with their status in the state.

Summer reading program boosts students’ skills and confidence - Santa Fe New Mexican, July 31, 2017
According to educators overseeing the 5-year-old Reading is Magic summer program at the Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences, participants’ reading skills have improved by nearly a full year of schooling.

How Parents Widen - or Shrink - Academic Gaps - Education Week, April 18, 2017
High-income parents are often more involved with certain activities at their children's school than lower-income parents - volunteering in their children's school, attending school meetings, and so on - experiences that can link them to more opportunities and resources for their children and more influence in schools. Differences in parent involvement can create hidden disparities that are easy for schools to overlook but hard for poor families to overcome. If you are interested in engaging each and every family member to support their child/ren’s full participation, this article will provide some compelling evidence. While the article focuses on the regular school day, many of the same issues and concerns pertain to out-of-school time programs.

The Families That Can't Afford Summer - New York Times Sunday Review, June 4, 2016
What are your kids up to this summer? Sounds like a casual question. But for working parents at this time of year, it's loaded. What have you managed to pull together that will keep your kids engaged, healthy, happy, and safe, while still allowing you to keep feeding and clothing them? For most parents, summer, that beloved institution, is a financial and logistical nightmare.

Emerson Elementary School OST - Video published June 7, 2017
NMOST sponsored video about the success of the out-of-school time efforts at Emerson Elementary. 

Paso del Norte Health Foundation's IGNITE Initiative - Video published March 2, 2017
A safe place, a positive activity, a trusted adult, these are thing that are necessary for a healthy life. The IGNITE Initiative was established to provide positive opportunities for after school programs for youth ages 7 - 18.


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