Physical Fitness/Nutrition

Arianna’s Nutrition Expedition
Students solve nutrition mysteries to learn about healthy eating and physical activity in Antarctica, on the Orient Express and at other exciting venues.  During this eight-activity program that supports the USDA MyPyramid and supplements your language arts and health curricula, students record their global adventures in Nutrition Journals. Read More

Body Works
Body Works is a program designed to help parents and caregivers of young adolescent girls (“tweens”) improve family eating and activity habits.  The program focuses on parents as role models and provides them with hands-on tools to make small, specific behavior changes to prevent obesity and help maintain a healthy weight.  It uses a train-the-trainer model to distribute the Body Works Toolkit.  Nutrition, Physical Activity; Girls age 9 to 13 years; No cost.  Office of the Secretary, Office of Public Health and Science, Office on Women’s Health. Read More

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Youth Physical Activity Guidelines and Toolkit. Read More

Cooking with Kids, Inc.
“Cooking with Kids” engages elementary school children in hands-on learning with fresh, affordable foods from diverse cultures. Students are encouraged to explore many varieties of foods using all of their senses, to have fun, and to exercise choice.  “Cooking with Kids” invites parent and volunteer participation to teach nutrition standards and food safety while preparing food. The children get to sample tomatoes, wheat, corn, nuts and other foods. Nutrition - Linked to NM Standards and Benchmarks. Read More

Crunch the Numbers - Do More Math, Eat More Fruits & Veggies
Welcome to "Crunch the Numbers," a standards-based math program. Developed by Scholastic and generously sponsored by Produce Marketing Association, these materials show students how to make fruits and vegetables a delicious and healthy part of their lives—because more matters!  Read More

Dairy Council of CA - Kids Games & Activities
Free online learning games about nutrition and healthy eating. Whether at home or school, our interactive games and tools will teach children and teens about healthy eating, exercise and where their food comes from. These online games are not only fun, but parents and teachers like them because they are educational too!  Read More

Empowering Youth
Empowering Youth is a manual for use in after school programs and classrooms with youth 11-18 years old. It contains current nutrition and physical activity information to enhance leader knowledge; fun, hands-on activities that teach nutrition concepts; ideas to include nutrition education and physical activity into youth programs and events; resources to help youth develop a nutrition or physical activity related community project; tips, worksheets, handouts, discussion prompters and more!  Best Practice.  Nutrition, Physical Activity; 11-18 years; Available free online and upon request from Team Nutrition. Visit their website.

Get Active – Be Healthy Afterschool Tool Kit
The Afterschool Alliance has teamed up with Quaker® Oats to create the "Get Active: Be Healthy Afterschool Toolkit". The guide provides creative, easy-to-implement ideas for incorporating health and wellness into your afterschool program, including lesson plans, activities and games.

HIP to BE Fit ® SNACK (Student Nutrition Activity Curriculum for Kids)
Hip to Be Fit ®  SNACK classes, curriculum and materials provide simple and fun exercises and games. Tied to NM State standards and student achievement, the curriculum is designed to get kids moving and having fun while simultaneously teaching them about good nutrition.  Promising Practice.  Nutrition, Physical Activity- Linked to NM Standards and Benchmarks.  3rd-6th Grade.  Free within New Mexico.  Read More

Indian Health Services - Physical Activity Kit (PAK)
The PAK is based on best and promising practices to increase physical activity. The PAK toolkit can be used in schools, communities, worksites, Head Start programs, elderly centers, and youth programs. The Goal of the PAK is to increase the time American Indians and Alaskan Natives spend in medium to high physical activity for all ages across the lifespan. While, the activities have been field tested to be culturally appropriate for Native communities, others might find PAK useful in their community.  Read More

Great website for information on a variety of health issues for parents, kids and teens. Printable material and activities can also be used in afterschool. Read More

Little D’s Nutrition Expedition
The importance of healthy eating and physical activity from Little D, the Five-Food-Group Dragon and his Royal Food Family friends.  Ten story-based activities that help students develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills support the USDA MyPyramid and supplement your language arts program.  Best-Practice (teacher validated).  (Nutrition and Physical Activity; Second Grade; Free and downloadable).  Read More

Or check the Dairy MAX website for information on mapping lessons to NM Standards and Benchmarks here

Media-Smart Youth: Eat, Think, and Be Active! National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (2012).
Media-Smart Youth: Eat, Think, and Be Active!® is an interactive after-school  education program that focuses on building skills in media analysis and media production to help young people ages 11 to 13 understand the complex media world around them and how it can influence their health—especially in regard to nutrition and physical activity. The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), a part of the National Institutes of Health within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, created Media-Smart Youth to help empower young people to think critically about media and make thoughtful decisions about nutrition and physical activity. Read More  Facilitator's Packet

My Bright Future: Physical Activity and Healthy Eating for Young Women. Health Resources and Services Administration (2013).
This program is designed to encourage better health among women across their lifespan.  There are specifically designed physical activity and healthy eating tools to address the needs of adolescent girls.  The goals of these tools are to increase adolescent girls use of preventive services, empower them to share in health care decision-making, and encourage them to practice daily prevention through physical activity and healthy eating.  Nutrition and Physical Activity; Girls age 12- 18 years; Free. Download PDF

New Mexico Ag in the Classroom
New Mexico Agriculture in the Classroom (NMAITC) is a non-profit educational outreach program funded primarily by the membership of the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau. The purpose of NMAITC is to educate the general public, with an emphasis on K-12 students and educators, about the importance of agriculture.  Lesson Plans and Activities

New Nutrition & Physical Activity Resource Guide
The New Mexico Healthier Weight Council (HWC) Education Systems Advisory Group is pleased to announce the release of a new tool, “Physical Activity and Nutrition Resource Kit” for New Mexico Schools and Communities. This resource kit was developed by a collaborative group of public and private partners working together to improve the health and quality of life for New Mexicans.  

Nutrition Essentials: Teaching Tools for Healthy Choices and Nutrition Education Ideas
Nutrition Essentials is a series of lessons will help you make healthful eating and physical activity choices. It provides several tools which give you information you need to make educated choices. Nutrition Essentials contains 5 posters: Food for a Day, How Much Do You Eat, Move It, MyPyramid, and Read It. Nutrition Essentials also includes an interactive CD, NutritionDecision, with games and nutrition education information.  Nutrition; High School; Available free online and upon request from Team Nutrition. Read more

Nutrition Explorations
Dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits and providing information about how to stay fit and prolong life. A nutritious, well-balanced diet combined with physical activity is the foundation of good health. Read More

Family Food Zone
Kids' nutrition at its best, explore a variety of ways to promote healthy eating. Read More

The Power of Choice: Helping Youth Make Healthy Eating and Fitness Decisions; A Leader's Guide
The Power of Choice was developed by HHS' Food and Drug Administration and USDA's Food and Nutrition Service. It is intended for after-school program leaders working with young adolescents. Everything you need to know is in the Leaders' Guide, including most activity materials. It's full of quick, simple things to do with kids; many activities take little or no pre-planning. The publication contains 10 interactive sessions based on four posters. Included in the Leader's Guide are a recipe booklet, parent letter, and Nutrition Facts cards. The CD contains additional activities, tips for improved communication with adolescents, a training video for the adult leaders, and a song for pre-teens. Best Practice.  Nutrition, Physical Activity; Middle School; Available free online and upon request from Team Nutrition. Read More

Food and Nutrition Center: Dietary Guidelines for Americans: 2015-2020.  Read more

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center
More than 10 million children around the country participate in out-of-school time programs, including before and after-school care, weekend, and summer programs. Providing more than just a safe and supervised environment, these programs can play a huge role in building healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Voices for Healthy Kids has released new graphics, social media samples, fact sheets, messaging and other resources. Check out what we have available today, and help kids in your community!  Out-of-School Time Toolkit

What's Cooking?: A Culinary Curriculum for Cultivating Foodie Kids
Teaching kids how to cook makes them healthier, but it also does a lot more. Sure, it's a great way to help them build healthy habits that will carry them into adulthood. But as Julie Negrin M.S., C.N., writes in her ebook, How to Teach Cooking to Kids, it's also a great way to reinforce and teach subjects like science, math, and reading, and provides a fun, hands-on way to introduce them to other life skills such as budgeting, problem-solving, grocery shopping and more. And according to WebMD, it gets them away from the TV and into an activity that helps build independence and self-confidence.  Read More
Physical games and activities for groups: Fun, fitness & personal development for groups through physical movement & exercise. Read More


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