How should we be rethinking hunger? This is a biweekly, New Mexico Out-of-School Time podcast about people who are making change in our food system. Each month, Sophia Rose, NMOST Meals VISTA, will be having critical conversations with guests from the nonprofit world that have a distinct approach to the issue of food insecurity. The goal is to meet people where they stand, facilitate a thought-provoking discussion for you to listen to (and weigh in on), and coordinate these local “knowledges” to fight for a better food system and future.







Introducing the Rethinking Hunger Podcast
How should we be rethinking hunger? The "Rethinking Hunger" podcast from the New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network invites you to join in on critical conversations with thought leaders on the issue of food insecurity. Hosted by Sophia Rose, NMOST Meals VISTA and food systems thinker, and coming to all of your podcast platforms in the near future. This informative, interview-based podcast is sure to leave you with a greater resolve to make change.

Latest Interviews


Rethinking Hunger, Ep. 2: What is health equity and how does it relate to food systems? Derek Lin, a policy analyst for New Mexico Voices for Children joins Sophia to share his equity lens perspective on food insecurity. 

Rethinking Hunger, Ep. 1: What is the role of nonprofits in the fight to alleviate hunger? Robert Egger, the founder of the DC Central Kitchen and pioneer of the central kitchen concept joins Sophia to talk about the history of the charity model in the nonprofit sector, community kitchens, and the social enterprise approach to food insecurity.



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