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Trends and Opportunities in Accountability for Alternative Education - Tuesday, February 20, 2018 @ Noon

Discussion of alternative education is growing across the country as states and districts look for ways to better serve students whose needs are not met in traditional school settings. Alternative settings vary greatly in how they operate, whom they aim to enroll, how they are held accountable, and their ability to provide high-quality educational pathways for at-risk youth. According to the 2017 Building a Grad Nation report, alternative schools are overrepresented in identified low-graduation-rate high schools, indicating the need to create accountability systems that ensure high quality education among alternative settings and that measure these settings’ progress and success in supporting at-risk youth.

This webinar will discuss a new brief by Civic Enterprises and the American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) entitled Measuring Success: Accountability for Alternative Education. This brief addresses four key opportunities state have both within and outside of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to better understand and ultimately improve alternative education: the definition of alternative education used, accountability system structure, accountability measures, and mechanisms for continuous improvement. This brief was informed by a state scan conducted by AYPF of approaches to alternative education before the implementation of ESSA, and the webinar will share key findings from this scan. As many states continue to explore innovative approaches to accountability, the webinar will provide a state perspective to illustrate how accountability systems can be inclusive of alternative settings in practice.

Presenters Include:

  • Dr. Jennifer DePaoli, Senior Research & Policy Advisor, Civic Enterprises
  • Dr. Julie Magee, Director of Accountability, Wyoming Department of Education
  • Jesse Kannam, Policy Research Assistant, American Youth Policy Forum
  • Moderator: Jenna Tomasello, Policy Associate, American Youth Policy Forum

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State-Level Strategies for Bridging Schools & Afterschool in ESSA - Wednesday, February 28th @ 11am

The Federal Education law, ESSA, is currently in its first full year of implementation. This period is intended to encourage stakeholder engagement, allow for the identification of resources and resource gaps, transparent reporting and preparing for well-rounded student success. Join us for a great webinar to learn how advocates are building bridges between schools and out-of-school time programs to help districts and schools meet these goals, and discuss how you too can build the field  to prepare for these important conversations.

Intended Audience: State-Level OST Advocates

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 Bridging the Gap Between Afterschool and Workforce - Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from Noon to 1:15pm

This webinar will focus on two new white papers: Afterschool and Workforce: Opportunities for System-Level Engagement, released by AYPF, and Building Workforce Skills in Afterschool, released by Afterschool Alliance. Both publications examine how afterschool and summer learning can help more youth develop the competencies desired by employers.

Presenters include:

  • Carinne Deeds, Director, 2-Gen/Financial Stability, United Way for Greater Austin

  • Carl Dasse, Community System Administrator for the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Florida

  • Nikki Yamashiro, Director of Research, Afterschool Alliance

  • Hayley Tompkins, M.Ed., Program Executive, Minneapolis Beacons Network

  • Moderator: Betsy Brand, Executive Director, American Youth Policy Forum

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