Youth STEMbassadors

Introducing the Youth STEMbassadors...

Participants:   The Youth STEMbassadors are young women in grades 8-12 with an interest in STEM disciplines and/or who are considering pursuing a career in a STEM-related field.



Participants will convene monthly to gain essential skills and knowledge, to cultivate diverse STEM leaders, empower young women, and, ultimately, inspire young women to pursue a career in STEM. 

Goals:   The program's goal is to enrich the participants' knowledge of STEM culture, increase career awareness, network with STEM professionals, and develop skills that will help them succeed in the workforce.
Result:   In the end, participants will have essential knowledge about some of the resources and skills necessary to thrive in the STEM community.  They will know how to engage with their community, be an effective leader and voice for their community, empower other young women, and succeed in STEM fields. 


















Each month, a 2-hour meeting will be held to further cultivate a diverse group of young female STEM leaders.  

Further information on the monthly meetings

The 2018 STEMbassador co-hort:


If you would like more information or know someone that would like to be part of this group, please contact Alexandra Hoffman at or fill out our interest form here.


STEM Events

No events scheduled. Please check back soon!


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