• Fiscal Sponor Transition: In 2016, Explora Science Center and Childrens Museum was recruited, applied for, and was selected as the new NMOST fiscal sponsor. This new home for NMOST has already expanded numerous opportunities within our STEM work including NMOST now being a key part of the leadership structure of the Central New Mexico STEM-H Ecosystem.
  • Executive Director Hired: May Sagbakken was hired in late 2016 to be the Executive Director of NMOST. She brings a wealth of experience to the position, having spent 17 years  as a director for local and international organizations focusing on women’s rights, violence prevention, and positive youth development. 
  • Fall into Place Conference 2016:  NMOST held its annual Fall into Place Conference where 250 attendees from around the state heard keynote speakers, networked, and participated in interesting and informative breakout sessions on STEM, Summer Learning, Social Emotional Learning, and more. 
  • Guiding Principles: The development of the NMOST Guiding Principles has been based on our state’s array of programs. A commitment was made to develop a flexible set of quality Out-of-School Time guidelines designed to foster their utilization by programs of differing focus, setting, community context, size and capacity. The Guiding Principles are available and work continues on a toolkit to enhance their use.
  • Professional Development Cohorts: The Explora Science Center and the New Mexico State University STEM Outreach Center have partnered with NMOST to serve as professional development (PD) hubs, delivering PD workshop series to cohorts of OST providers in New Mexico. Over the past two years in our workshop series cohorts, we trained 50 staff representing 24 different OST providers from across the state.
  • One Meal-a-Day Task Force:  Every child in New Mexico deserves at least one meal a day! To end child hunger, NMOST has partnered with NM Appleseed to form a 1 Meal a Day Taskforce in Albuquerque, convening community leaders to figure out how to tackle hunger in our community. During our first meetings, we have focused on how to fill gaps during breaks, long weekends and holidays, and provide extra meal sites when many children are without food for several days or weeks. When we get everyone together at the same table, organizations can build on each other’s work and solve problems that previously seemed insurmountable. Community partners attending the taskforce meetings include APS, Presbyterian Medical group, Cuidando Los Niños, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, City of Albuquerque, Roadrunner Food Bank, and A Light in the Night.
  • OST Data Mapping: NMOST received a $10,000 grant from the National Conference of State Legislators. The principle results were creation of a Data to Action Team, mapping of existing OST programs and needs in New Mexico, and sharing of the resulting data with local,state, and national level audiences. The resulting reports, maps, and infographics were presented at our legislative day in Santa Fe February 13th, 2018 as the kickoff of an effort that will culminate in a legislative ask for more funding for OST for the 2019 legislative session. Contributors to this effort will include: Share NM, the New Mexico Community Data Collaborative (NMCDC), and the New Mexico Department of Health.
  • Partner Forum 2017: On June 13th, we held the first ever NMOST Partner Forum at the Hotel Albuquerque.  More than 80 partners from around the state came for learning and high-level discussions highlighting how afterschool and summer programs engage children in learning today and prepare youth for opportunities tomorrow. The event included national and local speakers, regional teams and stakeholders who came together to share best practices, network and collaborate. It was a great event, and we all left feeling uplifted and excited about the out-of-school time agenda. Feedback was positive and focused on the need to work together, the overall importance of OST, and the criticality of NMOSTs mission in the state.
  • White-Riley-Peterson Fellowship: NMOST Executive Director, May Sagbakken, has been named one of sixteen leaders in afterschool and expanded learning to be selected as a White-Riley-Peterson Policy Fellow as part of a partnership between the Riley Institute at Furman University and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. In the 10-month program, which begins in October, Fellows will study afterschool/expanded learning policy and develop and implement state-level policy projects in partnership with their Statewide Afterschool Networks and the national Afterschool Alliance.
  • Fall into Place 2017: NMOST held its annual Fall into Place Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Albuquerque on November 17th and 18th with 320 attendees from across the state. 98% of post-event survey participants (59.7% response rate) rated themselves as very or somewhat satisfied with the conference, including 79.1% who were very satisfied. 



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