Youth Entrepreneurship

The New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network (NMOST) works with regional and national partners to provide resources, make connections and support programs that promote an entrepreneurial mindset and foster entrepreneurship skills in children and youth outside the traditional school day. An entrepreneurial world view encourages creativity and innovation, problem solving and resourcefulness, communication skills, persistence and more. These skills will serve students well in career, social and academic settings, and promote career and college readiness while generating personal growth.

Image Courtesy of Kids Can Youth Entrepreneur Program


One of NMOST’s national partner organizations, VentureLab, provides resources and training for out-of-school time exploration of entrepreneurial skill building. This graphic (click image for details) provides a succinct summary of why entrepreneurial mindset and skills are important for positive youth development and should be nurtured and encouraged through programming intended to create skills and attitudes that will help future generations succeed in life, academic and career endeavors.

Program Resources & Curriculum

NMOST collaborates on curriculum throughout New Mexico

The Kids Can Youth Entrepreneurship Program inspires creativity and innovation in the youth of Doña Ana County through the study of business concepts and development of entrepreneurship skills.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Summer (YES) Camp at New Mexico State Univsersity in Las Cruces provides high school students with the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial interests and talents.

VentureLab offers a mix of free and paid programs and curriculum with fun, hands-on lessons and activities, that allow students to discover the entrepreneurial process, while gaining valuable skills and building confidence.

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) offers a “Tools for Life” framework for teaching entrepreneurial skills to youth.

Junior Achievement of New Mexico offers program resources and educational materials. 

Project ECHO (Entrepreneurial Concepts | Hands on) offers trainings for turnkey, activity-based programs in entrepreneurial skill-building.

Lemonade Day is a fun, experiential program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate their very own business – a lemonade stand.

The Diamond Challenge curriculum focuses on helping students develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain firsthand experience with the entrepreneurial process, empowering them to be entrepreneurial in whatever careers they may choose. 

KidEntrepreneurship offers free training videos and materials for teachers to use in their programs.

Bizinnovator Startup is a free, self-paced activity with entrepreneurship curriculum for secondary education. 

WagiLabs Kidpreneur Playbook – WagiKids use curiosity, compassion, and courage to come up with ideas that “do good” to help people, animals, and the environment. 

Mizzen Education Entrepreneurship Lessons (Grade Levels Vary) – Download the app or create an account on the website and get access to all sorts of different types of lessons! Choose “Sort by Category” to choose Entrepreneurship lessons, or explore all they have to offer!

KidsMoney – tips, learning objectives, worksheets and pre-built lessons by grade to help build a curriculum to teach students about entrepreneurship.

RisingInnovator – Youth Entrepreneurship program to help students cultivate entrepreneurial skills and learn how to build a successful business.

The Young Entrepreneur Institute – programs and resources for teaching entrepreneurship in your program.

Entrepreneurship Games

Games are a great way to engage with youth and these games can help introduce entrepreneurial concepts in a fun way. (NOTE: Some have a cost associated.)