We have increased the network’s visibility to the local and national OST field tremendously; improved and expanded communications, collection of data and information.


We have played a strong role as a convener for a cross-sector of stakeholders; developed a strong strategic vision based on data, field and stakeholder input; and expanded new partnership, including regional representation on the Leadership Council (LC).

Securing Grants

We have been extremely successful in securing significant new grants and substantial financial sponsors for the NMOST network and NMOST conferences.

Increased Usage

We have significantly increased our usage and dissemination of relevant data, and we are proud of our ability to bring forward new ideas and moving them toward implementation.  

Growing Staff

The funding we've grown will enable the Network to hire additional support staff, including a data manager or communication manager, which will help the Executive Director accomplish the network’s goals.

Diverse Funding

We anticipate that additional local funders, foundations, and corporate sponsors will be identified and cultivated which will result in higher and more diverse income sources for the network.