Self-care Series, Part 5: Jeff Sweats the Small Stuff

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NMOST Director of Policy and Communication, Jeff McConaughy, discusses the need to build and maintain a self-care toolkit, filling your senses to keep mind and body connected, and asking for help when needed. And we all need help sometimes.

Self Care Series, Part 2: Kaski needs time outside to vibe

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This week we hear from Program Coordinator, Kaski Suzuki, on his self-care routine and how his relationship with his body has changed over the last year or so. He says, "I always joke around that my body and I became besties in 2020, which we kind of did." If you or someone on your staff has insight into how to manage stress in current times, or would like to share their self-care routine, please reach out to Sophia Rose at and you can write a guest post for us. Let's keep this series going! 

Self-Care Series, Part 1: Sophia needs movement to get through her day!

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Introducing our new self-care series! How do you practice self-care? Between COVID-19, record numbers of forest fires, and a nail-biting election, I think it’s fair to say we had a stressful year. As part of our focus on Wellness on Tuesdays we are happy to introduce a new self-care series written by NMOST staff. If you or someone on your staff have any hot tips on how to manage stress and practice self-care in your daily WFH life, please reach out to Sophia Rose at and you can write a guest post for us to keep the series going! 



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