Self-Care Series, Part 4: Ethan Needs to Live in the Moment and Celebrate Simple Things in Life

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NMOST STEM VISTA, Ethan Greene, shares how his practice of self-care has shifted since COVID-19. He has found that living in the present moment, celebrating simple things in his day-to-day, and forgiving himself for not feeling 100% all the time are key. 

Countdown to Mars!

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Do you remember where you were on August 6, 2012? That was the day NASA landed the Curiosity rover on Mars. Curiosity was meant to explore the Red Planet for a two year mission, but is still active today and has sent countless photographs and scientific readings that help us to understand Mars.

On Thursday, Curiosity will be joined by a new rover: Perseverance (or “Percy” for short). The landing is scheduled to take place at approximately 1pm MST, with livestream content beginning at 12:15pm EST. Read on to find out about online resources, where to watch the landing, and how to get involved.

Self-Care Series, Part 3: Caitlin needs to stay connected

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Caitlin Everhart, one of our STEM VISTAs, shares her take on self-care since COVID-19 and the importance of staying connected despite the isolating time we are living in. If you or someone on your staff has insight into how to manage stress in current times, or would like to share their self-care routine, please reach out to Sophia Rose at and you can write a guest post for us. Let's keep this series going! 


Recovering COVID-19 Learning Loss through Out-of-School Time

In order to address steep learning losses caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic and transition to virtual learning, we need to expand out-of-school time programs so that the most vulnerable students in our country can receive the education they need to get back on track. The a growing significance of the OST space in regaining the time lost in school must foreground the issue of accessibility as well, and reach the populations that need it most. Read more to learn about how investing in afterschool programs are a key to restoring learning loss and correcting widening inequities caused by COVID-19.

Self Care Series, Part 2: Kaski needs time outside to vibe

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This week we hear from Program Coordinator, Kaski Suzuki, on his self-care routine and how his relationship with his body has changed over the last year or so. He says, "I always joke around that my body and I became besties in 2020, which we kind of did." If you or someone on your staff has insight into how to manage stress in current times, or would like to share their self-care routine, please reach out to Sophia Rose at and you can write a guest post for us. Let's keep this series going! 

Self-Care Series, Part 1: Sophia needs movement to get through her day!

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Introducing our new self-care series! How do you practice self-care? Between COVID-19, record numbers of forest fires, and a nail-biting election, I think it’s fair to say we had a stressful year. As part of our focus on Wellness on Tuesdays we are happy to introduce a new self-care series written by NMOST staff. If you or someone on your staff have any hot tips on how to manage stress and practice self-care in your daily WFH life, please reach out to Sophia Rose at and you can write a guest post for us to keep the series going! 


Women on the Front Lines of COVID-19

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This post features sixteen women who are at the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. From doctors to researchers to engineers, this is just a small portion of the women working to study the disease, treat its symptoms, and innovate solutions in a world turned upside down.

TIME's Kid of the Year 2020

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For the first time ever, TIME has selected a Kid of the Year.

Out of thousands of American kids aged 8-16, the pool was narrowed down to five finalists and, ultimately, one winner. Let’s meet these amazing kids!

Image Credit: Sharif Hamza for TIME

Hanukkah Sameach!

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To celebrate the holiday, we are highlighting three incredible Jewish scientists for our STEM Spotlight. Grab a plate of latkes and read on.

Barbara Liskov, Computer Scientist

Vera Rubin, Astronomer

Lise Meitner, Physicist

Val Day-Sanchez’s Workshop: How to be an Anti-Racist Educator When Working with Students Afterschool

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Val Day-Sanchez was one of our main keynote speakers and workshop leaders this year at our annual Fall into Place conference. Val (she/they) is an antiracist educator, professor of communication, social activist, author, and champion of inclusivity. She is also the founder of The Only Back Girl in the Room, a company with the mission to utilize education and facilitated discussions to help individuals and organizations adopt inclusive practices to advance equitable policies and procedures for marginalized group members. Check out some of the key takeaways from her workshop!



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