The New Mexico Out-of-School Time Network (NMOST) is a 501(c)3 non-profit collaboration of public and private organizations and community members seeking to improve access to and quality of out-of-school extended learning programs - before and afterschool, summer learning, and youth development.

NMOST brings together policymakers, educators, childcare providers, youth development workers, and other stakeholders interested in ensuring positive youth development opportunities and outcomes through out-of-school time programs. 

To ensure a viable and sustained network structure in the state, NMOST has a board of directors with diverse members from across the state whose role it is to guide the implementation of a statewide, strategic plan focused on out-of-school time program quality, public awareness of the benefits of a quality out-of-school time experience, advocacy and policy development, professional development, linked learning strategies, and partnership development to increase the network base.


Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To cultivate enriching experiences for children and youth beyond the school day.
Our Vision
All children and youth in New Mexico have access to high quality out-of-school time opportunities regardless of zip code and income.



We have increased the network’s visibility to the local and national OST field tremendously; improved and expanded communications, collection of data and information.


We have played a strong role as a convener for a cross-sector of stakeholders; developed a strong strategic vision based on data, field and stakeholder input; and expanded new partnership, including regional representation on our board.


NMOST regularly applies for grants to support our work. We have been fortunate to develop many long-term relationships with both local and national funders that allow us to expand our work and continue to provide our annual conference.

Increased Usage

We have significantly increased our usage and dissemination of relevant data, and we are proud of our ability to bring forward new ideas and moving them toward implementation.  

Growing Support

NMOST has played a critical role in increasing public awareness and support for OST in NM, leading to increased state funding in support of afterschool and summer learning programs.

Statewide Reach

NMOST has cultivated a diverse community of stakeholders from across New Mexico to grow cultural and experiential diversity within the OST community.

Annual Reports: